Wade has to send text messages to apologize to Bryant

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Miami on the 28th, "Bryant ...?" Kobe ...? "

Dwyane wade - may think that the media training today, Bryant's Bryant nasal bone to play 'in the fracture why he will be in the All-Star, but he certainly did not expect so much so fierce.

Wade is the Heat the last end of the training of players, to stand before the media, he has been practicing for over an hour, his head is sweating, training vest has been soaked. But reporters do not care about his training, did not mention his three pairs, but asked the Section III of the All-Star race that foul on Bryant,who like the 2012 new air Jordan Sneakers very much!

"Obviously, things happen, unfortunately, I never wanted to hurt in the game, especially on that occasion, it really is unfortunate, I have to apologize to him, I really did not mean to , "Wade explained," I was fouled, you may also see a foul after go to the referee theory, would like to ask why before the opponent that two fouls did not blow. I think this situation is also an opponent (referring to the defense of Bryant) to determine, under normal circumstances, the All-Star is the fourth game seriously only in play, the first three quarters is to play with. "

Wade revealed not only in all-star stadium to Bryant Road apologized, and later also devoted to the Bryant made a text message apology. A text message "I told him, apologized, this happened is unfortunate, I can do," Wade said, "I foul? Yes, I did foul, you could say my foul , but I'm not trying to such a result. "

Side of Wade sincerely apologize for the side of TNT talking heads Reggie - Miller is recognized as Dwyane Wade is no need to the foul apologize in the field, which, Wade also made a response to that air Jordan Sneakers for cheap.

"Reggie (Miller) did not know I was on the floor with Kobe Bryant said what, I saw he was bleeding, so I think in the past concern," Wade said, "I do not know is some people want me to in front of the world to kneel down to apologize to him? I did not need to do that, everyone can have their own views, like I said before, I have to apologize to Bryant, on the forward-looking, that sort of thing is unfortunate, But I did not mean to, this is the last time I respond to this matter, he would not say. was about basketball, Miami and Portland game? please ask questions. "

The next Monday morning Beijing time, the Heat will be a guest at the Staples Center to challenge the Lakers no doubt that this foul day game more Aspect.

"Many things can make the game more interesting, but these will not change my game preparation and play," Wade said, "starting from the media point of view, this matter may make Sunday's game more Aspect But from my personal point of departure, I defensive Bryant will not change, I would use the same method to deal with him. "

After the interview, Wade threw a: "10-minute interview, no one mentioned one of my all-star three pairs, it is clear that no one concerned about this, thank you."

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